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Education in Tripura has developed at a very fast pace since its formation on 21st January 1972. The beautiful small state of Tripura offers immense opportunities for students from within and outside the region.

As per the census of 2001, literacy rate of Tripura is 73.66%. The Government of the state has taken a number of steps to develop the educational set up of the region. A free and compulsory education policy was introduced by the government that caters free education to the students who fall in the age group of 6 to 14 years of age. The education system of Tripura can be divided into four stages, they are the primary stage which comprises of Classes I-V, the middle stage consisting of Classes VI-VIII and the secondary stage comprising of Classes IX-X. Classes XI and XII are the higher secondary stage of education.

Tripura education department was established with the aim of enhancing the academic scenario of the state. Later, the department of education was further divided into three sections namely Education (school), Social welfare and Social Education Department and Education (higher). The state government is making every effort for spreading education even to the grass root level. The compulsory and free education scheme launched by the government provides education to the students within six to fourteen years of age.

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