Vidyalaya Cholo Abhiyan


  Vidyalaya Cholo Abhiyan - 2009

 Vidyalaya Cholo Abhiyan Going ahead with the right direction towards reaching the ambitious goal of Universal Elementary Education the State Implementing Society of SSA Rajya Mission in Education (School) Department, Govt. of Tripura has recently taken up a very important strategy for enrolment of out-of –school children. As a part of this strategy an innovative special enrolment drive programme - Vidyalaya ST Cholo Abhiyan – 2009 has been organized in the State during January 1 the – 7 , 2009 in collaboration with all concerned During this special enrollment drive programme 1820 children could be identified as out-of-school in addition to 4272 out-of-school children identified earlier in house hold survey 2008 (July – 2008). Out of total 6092 (4272+1820) identified out-of-school children 4491 such children could be enrolled in schools and alternative schools leaving 1601 children yet to be enrolled. The magnitude of residual 1601 out-of-school children includes 364 disabled children (CWSN) having profound disability who are not in a position to attend school. It is projected to provide education to them through intervention of Home Based Education under Inclusive Education programme and rest 1237 children still remaining out-of-schooling system will be covered under alternative schooling interventions during 2009-10.