Rashtriya Madhamik Shiksha Abhijyan Rajya Mission, Tripura 

Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhijyan, RMSA started functioning throughout the Country in the year 2009. Basically, in the wake of Country-wide success of Sarva Shiksha Abhijyan (SSA) made it imperative to make the secondary education universal and accessible to all VIII passed graduates. The main motto of RMSA is to bring to all students under the purview of secondary education irrespective of social, economical and gender disparities.
On the question of universal education, it has become essential to bring the girls students to the arena of secondary education after eradicating all impediments. To achieve this goals and with the approval of the MHRD, an endeavor has been taken up as a component of RMSA to start Self Defense Training Programme for the girls students of class- IX. In the wake of the countrywide insecurity being threatened, the Self Defense Training is a step to ensure the security of the girl students of schools. Girls are required to go outside their home-stead. Sometimes they are to confront with untoward incidents. To escape from such unwanted hazards, the plan for self defence training is devised. This apart, through this training the mental strength, self confidence and self esteem will enhance.
Initially, in this programme, West Tripura District was selected as pilot basis to train 8,950 girl students of class-IX. In the first phase, 05 (five) interested and enthusiastic girls students from its schools will be sorted out as master trainers from 7 (seven) days duration. These master trainers at the end of their training will go to the respective schools and impart training to their co-mates. For providing training to master trainer, Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of Tripura has engaged 8 (eight) instructors. We shall not expect that by obtaining seven days training, our girls students will square up everything. The training in this regard is a continuous process and systematic endeavor. So to say, this is a maiden attempt. The training to be imparted to the students can’t be brought under a particular frame work. This is because the danger does not come in the same way. This is just an attempt to make the students alert, courageous at the start of their entering into the practical life.