Unified DISE

National University of Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA) developed the software (U-DISE) for creating and maintaining the Unified District Information System for School Education Statistics (U-DISE).

Objectives of Unified DISE

  • To create and maintain a database for School Education at various level.
  • To know the status of School Education at District, State and National level in the country.
  • To facilitate in planning for school education at the state, district, block and the school level.
  • To facilitate in affective management of RMSA as well as SSA.
  • To monitor the progress of implementation of school education programmes.

Unified DISE Coverage

U-DISE data are collected from the Primary, Upper-Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools in the following heads:

  • School profile,
  • Enrolment and repeaters,
  • Teacher provision,
  • Infrastructure and teaching learning facilities,
  • Examination results etc.

U-DISE Data Utilization

U-DISE is being used in the following ways:

  • Undertaking diagnostics studies
  • Developing status reports on school education statistics
  • District and State level Perspective and Annual Plan under RMSA
  • Facilitating researchers in undertaking and conducting research studies in school education statistics.

Educational Indicators

Indicators related to secondary education that can be generated by U-DISE data are as follows:

  • Access related indicators,
  • Teacher related indicators,
  • Participation related indicators,
  • Efficiency related indicators,
  • Quality related indicators.
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