Archived Documents

Bengali Text Book-X :-
Final construction statement
Circulars / Orders
Revised format of Progress Report from Class IX-XII
Final seniority list of AHM(High)/HM(SB)/DY.Inspector of schools under Education Department covering up to 17/10/2015
Memorandum regarding Draft seniority list of Headmaster/ Headmistress, High School/ Assistant Headmaster/ Assistant Headmistress, H.S. School. Dated 14th February, 2017.
Draft Seniority List of HM Hs/Deputy Director/DIS/SRO/DPO/Hiindi Education as on 17/02/2017
Digitised Text Books published by SCERT (Bengali Class I Text)
Digitised Text Books published by SCERT (English Class II Text)
ict-launching at school on 22/10/2016
Sanction of non refundable withdrawal from GPF,Dated-27/09/2016.
Sanction of TA/Mr Bill,Dated-26/09/2016.
Sanction of MR. Bill.dated-24/09/2016.
Sanction of non refundable/Part Final(90%) withdrawal from GPF. dated- 22/09/2016 & 23/09/2016.
Sanction of T.A & M.R.
Sanction of Non refundable withdrawal from General Provident fund.
Transfer & Posting
Memo regarding Transfer of Group-D Employee dated 28/02/2017
Addendum of NIT(Notice Inviting Tender) regarding Supply of Girls’ Bi-Cycle.-2017-18.
Tender Notice regarding Supply of Girl’s Bi-Cycle under Directorate of Secondary Education. Dated 09.02.2017.
ACP/Training Incentives
ACP-1,2,3 on 31/01/2017
Sanctioned of ACP-2 as per TSCS(R.P) Rules,2009 Dated:-07/10/2016
Sanctioned of ACP-3 as per TSCS(R.P) Rules,2009 Dated:-07/10/2016
Sanctioned ACP-1 as per TSCS(R.P)Rules,2009.Dated-01/10/2016.
Short notice inviting auction No. 15(4)/DEO(N)/DMN/Plan/2013/8233.
Short notice inviting auction No.15(4)/DEO(N)/DMN/Plan/2013/8233 (Quotation)
Tour Diary of Principle secretary on 01/10/2016.
Stipend / Scholarship
Details of Scheme under Stipend & Scholarships under Elementary & Secondary Level.
Details of Schemes under Stipend & Scholarships under Secondary Level
Release of fund for Quarter-1 & 2 of 2016-17.
Release of fund for financial year 2016-17.
Sub-allocation of fund for 2nd quarter (Non-Plan) during 2016-17.